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Who are Reinstein associates

A network of experts in the OTC medicines, food/dietary supplements and toiletries fields in all major countries, which assures timely, up-to-date specific input where required.

Expertise in regulatory affairs for nonprescription medicines, food/dietary supplements and toiletries covers Europe, the US, Australasia, Latin America and Japan.

We help companies in claim substantiation and safety for OTC medicines and toiletries, including studies that may be necessary, and external relations with watchdog groups leading to consensus. This includes working with marketing managers on appropriate claims.

Reinstein associates consults principally on European regulatory strategy and scientific affairs with national and multi-national OTC and toiletries companies. Recent significant projects were with Schering-Plough on the Clarityn switch in Europe and J&J Merck on the Pepcid AC switch. We are also regulatory / scientific consultants for business development groups and specialize in the European OTC regulatory environment and Rx-to-OTC switch potential.

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